Robson Tuners - Elegant, Handcrafted Tuning Machines

Our commitment, as always, is to produce some of the worlds finest and exclusive tuning machines by fusing technology, precision engineering and artistry.


Our commitment to the highest possible standard of craftsmanship is paramount in our work. Every tuning machine is is hand crafted and assembled without compromise and it is our mission to produce the world's finest tuning machines in order to compliment the amazing quality of the luthier's art.


We mill and turn every component from solid material including the hardwoods used for buttons. Only the finest quality raw materials are used and all parts hand polished. Every component is manufactured by us resulting in the crafting of tuning machines which have the ultimate in engineering tolerances and aesthetics.

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    Robson's continuing commitment to attention to detail and fine craftsmanship makes their tuners a pleasure to use for makers and players alike.

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  • In the Press